Word from the General Manager

Welcome to the official website of the Libyan Programme for Reintegration and Development (LPRD)

Our nation has faced many challenges since the end of the revolution in 2011. It was at this point we made the decision to establish the Libyan Programme for Reintegration and Development (previously known as the Warriors Affairs Commission). We understand that state-building comes from bringing together a nation’s citizens, rehabilitating them, and taking them forward to be the future protectors and builders of the country.

We are an independent Libyan governmental institution and stand for the reintegration and rehabilitation of all former combatants and armed groups.

Our work provides beneficiaries with the support and assistance they need, through educational, economic and social empowerment programmes, and integration in the security sector, in order to become the contributing citizens and to participate in the rebuilding of the State for which they fought.

I invite you to take a look at our Progress Report, where we’ve summarisedour journey and our vision for the reintegration, demobilisation and disarmament of Libyans, together with the challenges and difficulties that we have faced. You will also find a record of our achievements, our programmes, our budget, our spend, our partners, and the lessons we learned throughout.

In our report we outline our ambitions and future plans to help realise our mission: to see every single person who contributed to a free Libya back in a stable and secure society.

I would like to thank my LPRD team for their dedication and efforts over the past few years and, despite the difficult conditions and the large number of challenges, for their full faith that this programme is the solution for the advancement of the beneficiaries in their journey from armed to contributing citizens.

I also wish to thank all those who have contributed to the success of our programmes and have supported us, from our government and society to international institutions. Without their support and experience, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have achieved.

I hope every reader and visitor to our site will give us his or her thoughts, as constructive feedback always helps us learn and develop.

In summary, the LPRD will always seek to be a leading light for institutions who wish to join us in our vision: to unite all Libyans to stand side by side to build the safe, secure, strong and prosperous country that we all dreamed of.

Together For One Strong Libya.

Thank you,

General Manager