Libyan debate show ‘Hiwar Mushtarak’ supports inclusive dialogue


The monthly panel-based debate show, Hiwar Mushtarak, exists to keep dialogue about Libya’s challenges and future solutions front of mind. The programme bringstogether Libyans of all backgrounds, from politicians and activists, to influencers and members of the general public. It gives the audience a platform to air their views, ask questions, and be part of a fair and open debate. Importantly it allows fordifferent and opposing views to be heard equally, creating a culture of dialogue for everyone to find a common ground.
The LPRD’s General Manager Mustafa El Sagezli, did not hesitate to participate in the show when he was invited. He is a passionate advocate of the need for dialogue and believes that it is important for all Libyans to listen, to share ideas and to debate to help build a better future for Libya.
The last episode where Sagezli joined the panel was a special programme looking at Libya’s situation five years following the Revolution. The issues discussed focused on how everyone can help to build a secure and stable Libya. Sagezli joined other panellists including: Amal Labeidi – Professor of Politics at University of Benghazi, Jumaa Attiga – GNC acting president and former vice president, Najwa Al-Feituri – Member of Voice of Libyan Women for Peace, and Hisham Al-Wendi –  independent participant in the UN Libya peace talks.
While on the show, Sagezli explained that the solution to creating a stable and secure Libya must involve an inclusive dialogue. He said that it is essential for all willing parties to be included in the dialogue about the country’s future, further commenting, “With exclusion you feed hate”.
More details about the show and the episode can be seen here at the World Bank blog:

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