Development (LPRD) was established with one clear objective: to reintegrate the combatants and people who fought for a free Libya back into society, transforming their lives through a programme of reconciliation into a new rebuilt country.

Our Vision: Our aim is to reintegrate beneficiaries in order to contribute to the rebuilding and prosperity of Libya.

Our Mission: We seek to achieve our goal through a series of reintegration, education, DDR (Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration) and awareness programmes.

Our Values: The following four values are at the core of our organisation and govern all that we do.

Effectiveness: We value efficiency and excellence

in all our work. We constantly challenge ourselves to perform better, to increase the impact and effect of our interventions in the most resourceful and cost-efficient ways possible.

Innovation: We’re committed to developing ground-breaking approaches to empower and reintegrate participants. Our programmes harness the best thinking from around the world and have been designed by national and international experts in their respective fields.

Inclusiveness: We recognise the rights and values of all members of Libyan society. Everyone who needs our support to become an active, contributing citizen will benefit from it, regardless of tribe, ethnicity or gender. We take no sides and have no political affiliations.

Integrity: We value transparency and accountability in all our professional work, with clear policies and procedures, while displaying the utmost level of honesty in all our dealings. We hold these to be the most essential elements of our work ethic.