project provides participants with the appropriate technical skills to become employable or to set up a new business. Specialist technical and vocational training is an integral component of the course alongside English language and IT.

The Qadir project was launched in May 2013 and seeks to provide combatants with technical skills that will serve as a starting point for future employment or even launching their own business.

The technical skills are taught at specialised learning centres both in Libya and abroad, offering the participant both practical and theoretical training across a variety of subjects and vocational skill sets.

To ensure the quality delivery of training, a dedicated team of 50 employees is distributed around the country across four regional headquarters. The team consists of technical advisors, consultants and support staff who are then divided across several departments: Planning & Management, Foreign Training & Local Training and Quality Control & Evaluation. These departments ensure a well­rounded training system.

Of the 37,800 combatants who expressed their interest in the Qadir project, only 3,585 beneficiaries were actually eligible for the project based on 3 key criteria:

1. Mid­level education

2. Unemployed

  1. Aged between 25–40

Having met these requirements, the selected beneficiaries undertake two months of local training in English, computer skills and some orientation on the laws and customs of the country they are eventually travelling to. If they pass further evaluation tests they are then subjected to a drug test before travelling abroad for 12 months of technical training.

Having arrived in the international training location the participants undergo further English and computer skills training before moving on to the practical and theoretical training of their chosen specialisation. At the end of the year, trainees are examined in their respective subjects in order to receive recognised certification to be ready for work in Libya.